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About me:

Born in Modesto, Ca with a family of migrate Cambodian from a war tore country lead me to be show more gratitude towards the United States. Yes, I can tell you all about what happened to my family, but I never experienced what they had to truly go through. I was the first out of 4 to be born as a naturalized citizen in America. So, you can say I am an American but to even more solidified me as a true citizen of this great nation I enlisted in the United States Army to serve my country. I wanted to furthermore prove my worth to this nation and give back you can say it was somewhat showing gratitude for allowing a great opportunity to have a more fortunate life. With 7 years of training, overseas tours and national calling I was giving yet another opportunity to grow much more rapidly in maturity, leadership and all-around personal growth. I’m here today loving life, enjoy freedoms and giving opportunity to serve business small or large as a marketer. Many other less fortunate people would die to be given a chance to be in the same opportunity as I. So, I tell you that I thrive to give the upper most satisfaction that my company and I will give you. I am Chan Ke and closing out with a Keep’n It Super Simple!
Best Wishes,
Chan Ke


The tactic is simple, we keep companies who choose to use our services in our high performance to enable them to rank in specific keywords for their services. Ranking in the search engines will complete give you the upper hand in your client acquisition as to be known that 94 % of consumers look for information before buying product or service. It takes a few tries to give the consumer to knowledge that you know what you are talking about making you the lead expert matter in your field. Along with paid searches, keywords will ultimately give you the bang for your buck and pre- qualify your potential prospect.

Our Mission:

We stay up to date to make sure that search engines and their updates won’t affect your rankings. Just imagine the level users whom seek your professional advice and everyone referring you as the top consultant of your business. We as a team (you and our team) will complete your intentions and goals for your company. We will not use black-hat techniques to make you a super villain. We are in the business of making companies superheroes and dominating your profession/services. So to say it in a short terms we make you’re the best choice in your fields local, national, regional or worldwide.

Chan Ke

CEO and Founder

KISS Republic, LLC

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